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HSR Onion Run

LIVE NOW!!!Not just for the techies or the Reddys.

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Cubbon Park Onion Run

For a fun twist on your Sunday picnics

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Church Street Onion Run

18+ BOOZE TRAILFor when you're out of first date ideas


Mr Onion gives plushies to the best onions of the batch.Prove your worth to be an export grade onionComing soon!

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HSR Onion Run

This trail takes you through the quaint and wonderfully planned suburb of HSR.
We start off at Sapna Book House, and only the lucky few shall manage to complete it.
We could tell you more, but where's the fun in that?

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We are still chopping onions for this run

Onions ain't cheap my fellow being. We'll notify you as soon as we're done building this run