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HSR OnionRun

LIVE NOW!!!Be among the first legends to crack the HSR OnionRunPricing

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Indiranagar OnionRun

Do the trail which makes everyday feel like the weekendPricing

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Church Street OnionRun

21+ BOOZE TRAILFor when you're out of first date ideasPricing


Mr Onion gives plushies to the best onions of the batch.Prove your worth to be an export grade onionComing soon!

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TCs and Privacy Policy

How it works (T&C)

1. User goes on, chooses a trail among the many options (Current offerings: HSR layout, Indiranagar)2. User signs up and securely pays on the website. (₹ 499 per person)3. After the payment, user gets a registration confirmation text on WhatsApp along with the instructions, rules and starting point.4. The trail and the timer will start when the player types ‘START’ on the chat. They have 1 year to complete OnionRun from the date of payment.5. On typing ‘START’, the players will be asked to name their team. This name may be used to communicate with the team. The name might also be reflected on the Leaderboard on (if qualified).6. When the timer starts, the players will also be introduced to ‘Mr. Onion’- the chatbot ‘persona’.
• Mr. Onion’s language is coarse and impolite- this is part of the brand. However, the language is neither disrespectful nor politically incorrect.
7. After the team name is selected, the first clue will go out.
• For each location in the trail, with very few exceptions, there will be 2 layers: layer 1 will lead the players to the location itself (Ex- a famous hotel), meanwhile layer 2 will ask for a specific detail that can only be observed when the players are at the location (Ex- The number of stairs in front of the hotel).
• Clues may vary from mathematical equations, quotes from different languages to online puzzles. The players can use all resources at their disposal to crack the clues- ie. Google, Maps, Interacting with the locals etc.
• In the case of an 80% accuracy, the clue is considered to be correct.
8. For Layer 1, the user can request for an additional clue- this adds 5 minutes to the game time.9. There will be no additional clues provided for Layer 210. At any point in the game, the player(s) may choose to give up by typing ‘GIVE UP’ on the chat. This will add 10 minutes to the game time.11. If the answer is correct, Mr. Onion agrees and the next question will be sent out immediately.12. If the answer is incorrect, Mr. Onion will make a sarcastic remark and the player can try again. There is no limit to the number of guesses a player can make.13. If a player choses to give up, Layer 1 clue for the next location will be sent.14. OnionRun will be gathering the following information for the Leaderboard:
• Number of messages sent by the user.
• Number of questions answered.
• Number of ‘Give Up’ feature used.
• Number of Clues requested.
15. Once the entire trail is completed, Mr. Onion signs off and will inform the players the time they have taken to complete OnionRun.16. The players will also be asked to take a picture. This may be published on and social media.17. Each trail will have individual leaderboards. The quickest teams/ individuals will make it to the leaderboard. They will receive an email from OnionRun.

HSR OnionRun

This trail takes you through the quaint and wonderfully planned suburb of HSR.
We start off at Sapna Book House, and only the lucky few shall manage to complete it.
We could tell you more, but where's the fun in that?

Click on the payment link to start your Run. We take you straight to where you need to begin

We are still chopping onions for this run

Onions ain't cheap my fellow being. We'll notify you as soon as we're done building this run

TCs and Privacy Policy

Welcome to OnionRun, a service provided by Snata Adventures Private Limited (CIN: U93290KA2023PTC178818).
By accessing or using our services, you agree to adhere to the following terms and conditions. Please read these terms carefully before using OnionRun's services.
Service Details:Description of Services: OnionRun offers real-world scavenger hunts administered through Whatsapp, with pre-curated trails based on real-world localities.Pricing and Payment:Services are priced as stated on the website. Payments must be made upfront on our website, and there are no refunds or returns. Grievances can be addressed via email at Initiation:Upon payment, a conversation is initiated via the user's provided Whatsapp number. The trail must be commenced within 1 year of booking completion.Usage Guidelines:- Age Requirement: OnionRun's services are open only to individuals above the age of 10. Booking confirms users' confirmation of meeting the age requirement.
- Participant Limit: Users must adhere to the stipulated number of participants for each booking. Violation of this rule may lead to disqualification and removal from the leaderboard. Any attempt to deceive by exceeding the designated number of participants will result in disqualification and potential blacklisting.
- Trail Guidelines: Users must conduct themselves ethically during the trails, refraining from cheating, using unfair means, or disrupting the experience of other participants. Violation of trail guidelines may result in disqualification or removal from the leaderboard.
Intellectual Property and Data Usage:- Data Collection: OnionRun collects user information including names, phone numbers, email addresses, and payment details for operational purposes and service improvement.
- Intellectual Property: All rights to the OnionRun brand, website, chatbot, and associated intellectual property are reserved solely by Snata Adventures Private Limited.
Trail Information and Non-Disclosure: The trails, including their clues, questions, and answers, constitute proprietary information owned by OnionRun. Users are strictly prohibited from disclosing, sharing, or disseminating trail information to other individuals, which includes clues, questions, and answers.
Liability and Disclaimers:- Real-World Risks: Users acknowledge and accept the real-world risks associated with trails. OnionRun is not responsible for incidents beyond its control or the scope of its technology.
- User Responsibility: Users are responsible for their safety and property during the scavenger hunt trails. Any personal injury, property damage, or legal issues arising during or after the trail are not the responsibility of OnionRun.
- Chatbot Responses: Some responses from our chatbot may be offensive by design. Users agree that by accepting these terms and conditions and making a booking, they will not take offense to the chatbot's remarks.
Refund Policy:- General Policy: OnionRun operates on a no-refund policy. Once payments are made for our services, they are non-refundable.
-Exceptions: Refunds will only be considered in exceptional cases, such as technical failures preventing users from accessing the service, provided that such cases are reported immediately via email to
- Grievances: In case of dissatisfaction or grievances regarding the service, users are encouraged to contact OnionRun at the provided email address for resolution.
- Non-Performance: In rare instances where OnionRun fails to deliver the service as described due to reasons within its control, OnionRun may, at its discretion, offer compensation or reschedule the service.
Updates and Contact Information:- Terms Updates: OnionRun reserves the right to update the terms and conditions without prior notice. Users are encouraged to review these terms periodically.
- Contact: For inquiries, complaints, or concerns regarding OnionRun's services, users can contact OnionRun at
Completion Timeframe and Leaderboard:- Trail Completion: Each trail must be completed within 24 hours of commencement; otherwise, it will be considered abandoned. Abandoned trails may not be resumed.
- Leaderboard Criteria: Users are ranked on the leaderboard based on their performance in trails. Criteria for rankings are internally determined by OnionRun and subject to change without notice. OnionRun reserves the right to disqualify any user from the leaderboard based on violating the terms.
- Governing Law and Jurisdiction: These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of India, and in the event of any dispute, the courts of Bangalore will have exclusive jurisdiction.
Data Collection:
- Information Collected: OnionRun, a service provided by Snata Adventures Private Limited (CIN: U93290KA2023PTC178818), collects user information including names, phone numbers, email addresses, and payment details.
- Purpose of Collection: User data is collected for operational purposes related to providing and improving OnionRun's scavenger hunt services.
Intellectual Property Rights:
- Ownership of Brand and Intellectual Property: Snata Adventures Private Limited owns the OnionRun brand, website, chatbot, and associated intellectual property exclusively.
Governing Law and Jurisdiction:
- Jurisdiction: The collection, usage, and protection of user data are governed by the laws of India.
Trail Information and Leaderboard:
- Completion Timeframe: Each trail must be completed within 24 hours of commencement, failing which it will be considered abandoned.
- Leaderboard Criteria: Users are ranked based on their performance in trails, with the criteria for rankings determined internally by OnionRun.
Data Usage and Protection:- Usage of User Data: User responses to the chatbot are stored and used to improve the quality and functionality of OnionRun's services.
- Protection of Data: OnionRun takes measures to ensure the security and confidentiality of user data.
Updates and Contact Information:- Updates to Privacy Policy: OnionRun reserves the right to update the privacy policy without prior notice. Users are encouraged to review the policy periodically.
- Contact: For inquiries or concerns regarding privacy matters, users can contact OnionRun at
Liability and Disclaimers:
- Real-World Risks: Users acknowledge and accept real-world risks associated with trails. OnionRun is not liable for incidents beyond its control.
Intellectual Property Rights:
- Trail Details Proprietary: The trails, clues, questions, and answers are proprietary to OnionRun, and users are prohibited from disclosing this information to others.


Pricing - inclusive of all charges1 person - ₹499
2 people - ₹899
3 people - ₹1199
4 people - ₹1499
5 people - ₹1599